Residential Schools Land Memory Mapping Project

Paying attention to archival and historical artifacts reflecting memories associated with Residential Schools and their sites is an important part of reconciliation. The Residential Schools Land Memory Mapping Project (Insight Grant, 2015-2020) participates in reconciliation processes by bringing together a variety of participants across Canada to collaborate in the design and development of the cybercartographic Residential Schools Land Memory Atlas via a series of critical and awareness enhancing mapping exercises. This national case study springs from concerns and observations that emerged in earlier work, and provides a useful hub for a variety of interrelated projects. Its research objectives are to acknowledge, honour and enhance awareness of the living history of the land, the buildings and the survivors of Residential Schools, and to contribute to research and education - building relationships in the spirit of reconciliation.

The Residential Schools Land Memory Mapping Project will further expand the online Lake Huron Treaty Atlas in an innovative way through the lens of its Residential Schools Map, introduced to the Atlas in 2012. Previous Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council funding has supported the development of both the Atlas, and ongoing transdisciplinary and community-based research relationships. The proposed project will build on and contribute to (1) the further development of the Residential Schools-related maps, (2) work begun with the Assembly of First Nations and the Aboriginal Healing Foundation on the National Commemorative Marker Project, (3) ongoing work with the National Research Centre on Residential Schools at the University of Manitoba (4) intersecting work with the Embodying Empathy: Fostering Historical Knowledge and Caring Through a Virtual Indian Residential School project, and (5) work with survivor and other community groups, religious organizations and schools. Please see the official project page for more information.